Explore Elora, the Gorge & Waters Beyond. The Elora Gorge has quickly become one of Ontario's popular tourist destination for tubing, camping, zip lining, fishing, canoeing, or laying on the beach.Surrounded by waterfalls, stone cliffs, and trails around every turn, Elora is a perfect choice for a family adventure or day trip with sight-seeing and fine dining. Gull River, Minden Hills (Minden River Run) Look and listen to discover how the Gorge was created, and be surprised to discover its little known troubled past. Discover the Past, Present & Future in a Raft Ride. FAQ. This video is of the starting point for tubing the Grand River at Elora Gorge Conservation Area in Ontario, Canada. We went tubing, and it wasn’t so bad considering the fact that I can’t swim. Grand River, Elora (Elora Gorge Park) The Elora section of the Grand River is an amazing tubing spot that runs past 22-metre high cliffs and scenic hiking routes towering above the river. Learn More About The Adventures On Offer With Elora Rapids - River Tubing & Kayaking Through The Elora Gorge & Grand River Valley & Exploring Elora By Bike. I’d recommend having at least basic swimming knowledge, especially for when you need to exit the gorge at the end. BOOK ONLINE. Tubing down the river is a fun and exciting way to see the wonders of the Elora Gorge. The river flows at a great pace for tubing. Get away from it all with Punt & RiverBug Rides on the Grand River in scenic and historic Elora & Fergus. It’s a … The Elora Gorge was created by the Grand River slicing through the limestone rock bed at blistering rate of an inch every 1,000 years. Finally inspired to launch Elora Raft Rides, at first using inner-tube rentals in 2000, I approached the GRCA with a business proposal for the Gorge Park. Cost: $15 registration fee, $15 tube rental Address: 7400 Wellington County Rd. The Elora Gorge Park is open daily from late June until the start of September. BICYCLING. 21, Elora . https://badgeofawesome.com/go-tubing-through-the-elora-gorge-ontario Think Grand Canyon but on an Ontario scale. 21, Elora Phone: 519-846-9742 Website. Things to do in Elora Tubing in the Elora Gorge. RIVER TUBING. From the rushing white water to the towering cliffs, tubing offers more than just a refreshing ride on a hot summer day.Tubing on September 12, 13, 19, 20, 26 and 27:Registration tickets … The Elora Gorge Park itself is open now, and is located at 7400 Wellington County Rd. Tubing closes when river levels are too high so be sure to check the beach and tubing conditions before leaving. ... You will experience the sights, sounds, and history of Elora as you cycle along the Elora Gorge, Elora's historic downtown core, and a myriad of bicycle paths along the Grand River. Choose from Bareboat hires you captain yourself, shared Safaris rides with one of our pilots, or private Cruises with specialized entertainment.