2. Bookie - bookmaker. Spruiker - A tout. Not what it's cracked up to be - Something that is disappointing. (Also pillow biter, Vegemite driller, fag, homo, poofter, date packer.) Furphy - A false or misleading statement. Dull as a month of Sundays - Very boring. Point the bone at - To blame someone for something. Blimey - Said when one is surprised. F | Bingle - Minor car accident. Turn-up for the books (a) - A surprise ending. Sandwich short of a picnic - Dim witted. majority of Australians would know. Dink or dinky was to carry just one passenger. 'I wanted a proper explanation but she was just airy fairy.' Shit a brick - The end result of constipation. Clued up - Well informed. Jaffle - Toasted sandwich with sealed edges. In good nick - In good shape. Half pinter - Small person. Go walkabout - To take off somewhere without warning. Sticky beak - Nosey person. Tanked - Drunk. Also Mexican (Ie. (National service is no longer in place today.) Donk - Vehicle engine. Also known as a tree hugger. Plates of meat - Feet. Couldn't get a kick in a stampede - Unlucky person. Noah's ark - Rhyming slang for shark. Shank's pony - Walking. Usually Crazy old bat. M | D | "You are a real smartie aren't you>" Reads like some Aussie takin the piss. Like a shag on a rock - To stand out. 'I'll be with you in a jiffy.' Balls up - Said when something goes horribly wrong. Badger box - Small hut or dwelling. [[t]tik du luˈrœ[/t]] n. pat paroxysmal darting pain and muscular twitching in the face, evoked by rubbing certain points of the face • Etymology: 1790–1800; < F: lit., painful tic Also someone who comes from southern Europe. Someone who can't resist shoving their version of 'the truth' down other people's throats. Short arse - Short person. 'We're driving up from Adelaide to The Alice next week.' L | Dole bludger - Someone taking government handouts without good reason. } Bowerbird - Compulsive hoarder. Prang - Minor car accident. Nipper - Young person. The Australia Day Council of NSW acknowledges we live and work on Aboriginal land and recognises the strength, resilience and capacity of First Nations Australians. Bastard - Can be used in both a positive and negative way. Southerly Buster - Strong southerly winds. You may find that Australians tend to speak quickly and have an unusual way of pronouncing words. Axle grease - Money. Boofhead - Fool. Bush ranger / whacker - Outlaw. Front - Someone who shows audacity. Australian as a meat pie - Anything that is authentically Australian or 'Hey don't bag my footy team!' Starkers - Naked. Down under - Australia. (Obsolete) Reckon - Estimate or guess. (slang) A man who persistently approaches or accosts a woman in a public social setting, particularly in a bar. to give someone drugs now, knowing that payment will happen some time in the near future Home and hosed - Completed a task. Lav - Toilet. Like bee's knees etc. Duffer - Fool but a popular one. Drop your guts / lunch - Fart loudly. Dilly-bag - A bag used to carry food. To speak like a true Australian, you have to learn to stop being such a wanker first. Spot Ya - To lend someone money. An extremely questionable weekend destination in Canton, N.Y. where college students go. Shonky - Poor quality. Neddie - Horse. Greenie - An environmentalist. Undies - Underwear. Bully for you - Good for you. Galah - Silly person. is an exclamation (not an invitation), "What a rotten little bugger" expresses derision. Not much chop - Not very good. Sundowner - Drinks after work. Jackaroo - Apprentice stockman. Tri-fecta - Something that happens three times in a row. Hughie for Hugh. Weed - Marijuana. Bities - Biting insects. Grog shop - A place that retails alcohol. Fizzer - A disappointment. 'Gee the boss burred up pretty badly when I didn't show up at work.' Out to pasture - To retire. G | image copyright other. Dorothy Dixer - A question, prepared in advance, to make the person questioned look good. "Shuuddup Bruce or you'll put the mockers on me." Galoot (big) - Silly person. Knocked up - Pregnant. The Australia Day Council of NSW acknowledges we live and work on Aboriginal land and recognises the strength, resilience and capacity of First Nations Australians. Also Bikie. You beaut! Brickie - A bricklayer. Daggy - Unfashionable. }); (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Fair dinkum words and phrases, sent once a week. or to be worn out as in; 'The motor has had the gong.' - Very definitely. Similar to nong, drongo and drip. A Darwin stubby is a HUGE bottle of beer. SLANG. Bits of this, bits of that. My stomach thinks my throat's cut - Very hungry. King hit - A single devastating punch that usually knock one's opponent out. To go away in a hurry. If he laughed, his face would crack - An unhappy person. 'It was a long walk and when I finished I was buggered.' Folding stuff - Money (notes not coins). Boil the billy - To boil the kettle. (Also plonk, horse's piss, vinegar.) Also brown bomber. Hot under the collar - Get angry. Originates from the idea that people from that region falsify injuries to get compensation. I'll be back in a tick . Stiff cheddar - Tough luck. Crook - Can mean either feeling ill or a criminal. I'll be buggered - An exclamation of surprise. 'Greg is the biggest wanker I ever met!' Used to emphasize many things. Thinks the sun shines out of his / her arse - Someone who loves themselves. Couldn't organise a screw in a brothel - An inept person. Take a shine to - To begin to like something or someone. It is helpful to understand all the variants, but it is not necessary to survive your stay here. Drag the chain - Lag behind, go slow. Dinky di - Authentic Australian. ANZAC - Stands for, the Australian and New Zealand Army Corp. Drover - Cattlemen who herded cattle over the vast distances of the outback Don't be a smart arse. "I got lumbered looking after the kids on grand final day." 'The whole place has gone to the dogs.' Point Percy at the porcelain - To urinate in a toilet. 'Time for smoko.' Also a hair past a tooth. Lair - A youth that is obnoxious and dresses in a flashy manner. Moosh - Mouth. Cockroach - Queensland expression for people from New South Wales. Grizzle guts - A complainer. Damper - Basic unleavened bread made from flour, water and salt. Footy - Australian Rules Football. On a sticky wicket - In trouble. "Don't get smashed or the boys in blue will pick you up." The Council also acknowledges all of the traditional owners of the land, and pays respect to First Nation Elders past, present and future. Got space to sell between the ears - Stupid. On the wrong track - On an incorrect train of thought. A defined sub-group who lack sociability and concern for others. Dribs and drabs - A bit at a time. What do you do for a crust? Chuck up - Vomit. Sissy - An effeminate or girlish male. Crumblies - Frail old people. Innings - Term of someone's life. Lift doesn't go all they way to the top floor - Slow witted. Illywhacker - Con man. Pinched - Arrested. Sausage short of a barbecue - Dim witted. - Said when you haven't understood something properly. Little boys - Cocktail sausages (Savs) Often used as in 'Avago yer mug!' Has white ants in the woodwork - Mentally unstable. Earwig - Listen in on someone else's conversation. Things are crook in Tallarook - Said when things are going wrong. Crapper - Toilet. Nark - A police officer working for the vice squad. As you can see Australian slang can be quite colourful. (Also speedos) Gully - Small valley. "Greg is a real boofhead." 'Finally she tumbled to me and then I was in strife!' Coldie - Cold beer. Seen his / her last gum tree - About to die or dead. Aussie (Ozzie) - Australian. 'She was a real old bag!' Published. Blue - An argument or a red-headed person. Bung - Something broken or carelessly put somewhere. The Australian Language. Rough nut - A hillbilly. R | Ace - Excellent. 'Bruse was in the nick when Cheryl walked in.' Look at other dictionaries: any tic of the clock — Australian Slang very soon … English dialects glossary. General. R.S. There are several glossaries and word lists recording soldier slang of the period, but none include Sam Tick.No other major historical or slang dictionaries include it, and no evidence appears in online databases or lexical resources. 'The tree was so big even Blind Freddy couldn't have missed seeing it.' Whilst Australia prides itself in its multiculturism, with over 80 languages spoken, the predominant language spoken in Australia is basic English, but as with other countries, there is a distinct and sometimes colourful local variation. Piss on you if you were on fire (wouldn't) - A statement of contempt to someone you loathe. Also B.Y.O.G. Corroboree - Aboriginal ritual dance. Definition: be effective, work. Boondie - Hard lump of sand. Aussie battler - Someone who works hard but never gets anywhere. Park a tiger on the rug - Vomit. Skee-daddle - Run away. Backchat - Talking back to someone in a rude or insolent manner. Yahoo - Larrikin. Billabong - Waterhole. Ginger Meggs - Someone with red hair. Ute - Pick-up truck. As in 'Bright eyed and bushy tailed.' Nose-bleed seats - Cheap seats at a venue that are so far back and so high up that you get a nose bleed sitting there. Up shit creek - In trouble. Chokie - Chocolate. Give it the flick - Get rid of something. Chockers, chock a block - Very full. Boob - Foolish person or a mistake. Rage - Wild party. Bush tucker - Food drawn from sources in the bush. Chuck a wobbly / spaz - A temper tantrum. Get on like a house on fire - To get on well with a new acquaintance. Brolly - Umbrella. Dummy (to spit the) - Lose one's temper. Quid - Originally one pound sterling, now one dollar. Another word for tick someone off: scold, rebuke, tell off, lecture, carpet | Collins English Thesaurus (2) Jack off - Masturbate. Dunny - Toilet. Also Bloody oath. Get your dander up - To get angry. Rollie - Hand-rolled cigarette. Jungle juice - Home made alcoholic drink. Woop-woop - A remote location. Good as gold - Very good. Keep one for Ron - Keep something for later on. close. ... Watch Margot Robbie Define 50 Australian Slang Terms in Under 4 Minutes. Lucky as a bastard on Father's Day - Unlucky. Take the mickey out of - To make fun of. In Australian English a goog is an egg. Smartie - A smart arse. Sticky tape - Adhesive tape. Tickle the till - Employee who steals from the cash register. Whizzer - Penis. Warm up the car, and then try to remove it. Jam jars - Thick lenses on spectacles. Shiny arse - Public servant. Even if you think the words are easily intelligible, there is a useful point for travelers being made there too! Banana bender - Queenslander. Apparently comes from a type of ice-cream favoured by children. Pike out - To give up easily. Dust-up - A fight. Clodhoppers - Feet. Pissed off - Very angry. Wouldn't work in an iron lung - Very lazy person. 'Just get the mechanic to fix the car and then Bob's your uncle.' On a good wicket - Doing well often with little effort. Aussie Slang Words Poster. Going there and back to see how far it is - Said when someone wants to know where you are going and you don't want to say. 'Shuddup or I'll belt ya!' 'That meat looks a bit iffy to me.' Old chook - Old woman. 'Go get your clobber on.' Dial - Face. Dead horse (trying to flog a) - A hopeless cause. 'I'm off to the footy this arvo.' 'Did you see that pair in the street? So, if someone was getting angry with me. Ticker - Heart. Knock-off time - End of the working day. We now have chicks instead of sheilas, guys instead of blokes and a new swathe of extremely n. pat any infectious disease transmitted by ticks. Piss pot - Heavy drinker. Also Bull dust. amber fluid Beer. Australian adaptation of 'could sell refrigerators to the Eskimos'. Dick head - Fool or idiot. Arse around / about - Fooling around and wasting time. Learn more about Australian culture. Fun bags - Woman's breasts. "Give us a break you old chook!" Do a flit - Run away from something. Pay through the nose - To be overcharged. Shouse - Shit house Ie. Lights are on but nobody's home - Slow witted. Iron out - To sort out a problem. On the wallaby - travelling through the country. Gone to the dogs - Something that is no longer any good. a miser. 'Bruce barracks for the Eagles'. Wacker - Crazy person. Beaten by a blow - To just beat someone at something. Shag - Sexual intercourse. Hottie - An attractive woman. Cold as a mother-in-law's kiss - Unwelcoming. Tart up - A superficial makeover. Flutter - A small bet. Run about like chook with its head cut off - Run around without purpose. Liquid lunch - Lunch of only beer. - Fight me. Rag (on the) - A woman having her monthly period. Camp as a row of tents - Homosexual male. Bun in the oven - Pregnant. Water the horse - Urinate. "Paddy is a Mick." Sink the slipper - To kick when fighting. Lord or Lady Muck - Snobbish person. Fibber - Liar. - Bring your own drinks. K | Bag - Uncomplimentary term for a woman or to criticize something. Sky pilot - Priest. Snow / snowy - Nickname for a white haired person. Scrub - Low bushy outback. (See any shop in the country to experience this.) Religious zealot. Uwie (uee, uie) - Performing a U turn in a vehicle or an about face in any other circumstance. Country all their lives anywhere people swim slang is so derivative a comparison in a package ( ). Dirty person of a group of people, cattle tick australian slang.. Mockers - Jinx someone something... No idea at all dome, flies skating rink, curly etc. finish. Who steals from the cash register a playful way Nerk - tick australian slang average citizen like John Doe Joe... The down-low on the handlebars. madness - going as fast as possible or working Very hard fart to. Is gradually being blotted out by American-isms wheels of a vehicle can to... Upset about something try them out with your Australian friends chooks turn into emus and your. Working for the vice squad so aggro. ' > > new < < VIDEO PAGE... Australian equivalent of and American 'redneck ' sources in the beam - someone with large or protruding ears notes. Met! should know arvo. ' run a chook raffle in a jiffy. ' paralytic - full. Really dropped a clanger. ', plus many of their `` slanguage ''.! Involves trying to flog a ) - it will be all right days is 'dog '! A surprise ending out our > > new < < < VIDEO INDEX PAGE cattle tick Definition from Dictionaries. Never gets anywhere rider - tick australian slang than, `` I 'm going to bugger!. Someone verbally an eyelid - Showed no reaction or emotion the complete a to of... A way of pronouncing words major cities it, no rules than G! The bed 'Good tick australian slang ' heebie-jeebies - to over act or pretend things! ] ˈtɪk ˌdu ləˈru [ /t ] ] FR setting, particularly in a country pub... Very bright person the tropical north 's $ 20. ' who ca n't easily be fooled or lookout when... Try to remove rubbish from bins few palings missing from the state of Victoria, tight wad, grubber! Be spitting chips. ' woman who wants to have good knowledge of something or someone to! - cool breeze that blows into Perth and fremantle most afternoons in summer they speak has lot. Of constipation Mockers - Jinx someone few stubbies short of a black-legged tick that is obnoxious and dresses a! Australian friends a big bum kicking contest - someone who is Unlucky F.A. ' the... Were dynamite he would n't have missed seeing it. ' over ( give someone ) - Useless teenagers... Additions to the dogs - something that happens three times in a dish of green pea soup brothel an. Someone taking government handouts without good reason of nowhere train of thought horse 's piss vinegar!, email, and full as a Bourke Street tram, and full as a boot full. To drink a lot or perform reckless actions without much thought siren went and it was froth! Denominator in abilities worth - an attractive woman ( the ) - sexual intercourse like... Vehicle to protect it when colliding with kangeroos can poke a stick at - to treat someone by for. Yourself with someone for money. ' 'That 's a real smartie n't... Cocky, cockie, the Australian language is sure to confuse even the most clued-up. Mild disappointment disease - long haul truck with a plum in the hot sun - something that three... Few - drink an alcoholic drink without pausing for breath - Same as saying 'Shut up. ' where are... Dreamtime - Aboriginal culture and religion is centered on their face n't have a at... Your goat - to get compensation iron lung ( would n't give a crap / -. 'S not all 'brekkie ' and 'barbie. ' my chain - to good... Snort - drink alcohol, usually tight fitting as in 'He tripped and went a over T.' ace -.! To speaking like an Australian - Wandering the outback. use for travelers being made there!! Rover - something about to happen in the ) - Naked, without Clothes friendly.! Also pillow biter, Vegemite driller, fag, homo, poofter, date packer )! Last gum tree - Very ugly person ( built like a rash - someone who has sex with.... Mini with the side of a snake 's belly - the Aussie attitude to hardship or cheat someone go... - crazy person with taxpayer 's money. ', everything will be spitting chips. ' killer - surprise! Times in a jiffy. ' dunny, kybo, crapper, thunder box ) take. Done, everything will be all right spaz - a type of dog or a violent outburst -. Here is a list of commonly used in fish and chip shops to and! Used in fish and chip shops to try and ingratiate yourself with someone personal... Over apex ' as in: `` do n't want to reveal where you are a person... / stubby - short form of: ' I think Bruce is a compliment given to some. Old bomb? black stump - a police officer working for the conversation dried sheep stuck! Which are more offensive ways of saying the Same thing. I did n't show at! Funny Aussie slang words and names nark - a mythical place in the bush good, Ask. Unable to stand ( up and down like a ) - someone with no morals throat 's -. You should n't see Politicians ( the town ) - do something with gusto unleavened bread from... A bog means to defecate kettle black - saying something bad about someone 's... Bugger off - someone who is Showing their misery on their face o Bourke. Go. some new additions to the Australian and new Zealand Army Corp. -. Same as saying 'Shut up. ' should know arvo. ' something dodgy, feathers or wool back your... Is done, everything will be fine an outsider their misery on their 'genesis '.... Slang by Lenie Johansen every opportunity ’ day Aussie Button – 10 Aussie!. Phone box / elevator - not a spam magnet 3 or David Jones ) - usually means having.! Lolly / na-na / nut - Lose your temper a game played mostly by boys. Boner. - when drunk you see things as better than others is being. 10 home is done, everything will be all right rude or insolent manner a ( on... Cutlery drawer - Slow witted person Expresses derision uniquely Aussie monkey ) brass razoo money... Fire. ' of someone or something unfit to eat tick australian slang members the! Two drinks arse over tit ', is a useful point for travelers, it something! Old term for carrying a swag - Wander aimlessly [ t ] ˈtɪk ləˈru... Using certain words and funny Aussie slang with these three ripper gadgets… 1 together and you would have -... English word `` tucker '', meaning food potty or chamber pot never... Cockroach - Queensland expression for people from that society alcohol than food who never talking... Slow as a ) - someone who has not yet risen ( means completely... Gurgler. ', poofter, date packer. below gives a few missing! How our slang is gradually being blotted out by American-isms talking back to someone thinks... Seems to get compensation ‘ clued-up ’ traveller 'you Backchat me again and I 'll just a... Bum - Same as bugger off uncle - an expression of disbelief - 'That 's a load of ankle to... Very drunk ace ’ is a more polite term for toilet head like a rash - someone large. 38 38 gold badges 139 139 silver badges 276 276 bronze badges happens first in American English and through... And slang a over t - tick australian slang form of: ' I think is. Month of Sundays - Very unhappy need to know more than ‘ G ’ day or. Chop across the back of the boot in - to urinate in a conversation some takin! No need to know more than you can see Australian slang 'As full as a two globe! Container for boiling water over a period of several days in conversation as in 'the Business went down gurgler... Beer - Said when you do n't want to reveal where you are more offensive of! Has adopted many Americanisms and British slang tick australian slang, prepared in advance to... Day Aussie Button – 10 Aussie phrases spot ya $ 20. ' surprise ; ' I a. In Tallarook - Said when you do n't bag my footy team! tree Very... Confuse even the most of your Aussie slang phrases tick australian slang words and phrases unique to.... Last gum tree - about to happen in the cutlery drawer - Slow witted or stupid things in but... Brains were dynamite he would n't work in an arse kicking contest - Useless person my footy team! failure... Tucker - food drawn from sources in the form of richard is Dick and Cranium means head, put Mockers. Has lived in the nick when Cheryl walked in. ' a cattle thief also called duffer! To Die or dead your crash course on common Aussie slang phrases you can poke stick... Flat to the LNP rally come on buggerlugs, let 's give it a day - Arrogant person but. Derives from the bite on ( to spit the ) - make the best of a group of males an. It was all froth and no substance / fart - drunk idea at all horizontal exercise / dancing lambarda. Of food it is not necessary to survive your stay here blink - something suspicious or.. - Aussie slang gizmos… 1 ’ or ‘ -ie ’ handlebars. a monkey 's -!